Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Faces A Lawsuit Over Flawed Butterfly Keyboards In Macbook Pro And Macbook Models: Fails To Halt Lawsuits

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is in deep trouble because of its flawed butterfly keyboards installed in MacBook models produced in 2015 and MacBook Pro laptops released in 2016 and later. Edward Davila, the Federal Judge, thrash the company’s efforts to dismiss the lawsuits. Edward said Apple hid the fragility of butterfly keyboards used in MacBooks and failed to fix the keyboard problems. Apple has not paid any compensation to the customers who paid repair costs.

Apple violated consumer protection laws

According to the lawsuit, Apple violated consumer protection laws in several states. The users have to deal with unresponsive keys or sticky keys even if small debris slips in between the keys in butterfly keyboards.

Apple to pay hefty sums for faulty keyboards

Apple failed to acknowledge faults in its butterfly keyboards. It also launched repair programs for the faulty keyboards. Even a surprising thing is that it has used the butterfly keyboards in the latest laptop models – MacBook Pro (13”). However, Apple has used scissor switches in its MacBook Pro (16”) tacitly acknowledging the faults in butterfly keyboards. The company is expected to face an uphill task in the court and could end up paying hefty sums for the faulty keyboards.

Apple changes the launch of new devices

As of now, Apple introduces new iPhones in October and September. According to the predictions of analysts at J.P. Morgan, Apple would change its release strategy of iPhones from 2021. It would unveil new devices two times a year. This will help Apple to unveil different products and offer stiff competition to other device makers that introduce innovative products throughout the year.

According to the analysts, Apple could introduce four new models of iPhone in September 2020. It is a shift from the three model strategy being followed by Apple since 2017. The proposed new models for launch in September 2020 would boast OLED screens (with sizes: 5.4”, 6.1”, and 6.7”) and support 5G. However, some models may not offer promised faster speeds because of the lack of support for the mm-Wave technology. The analysts anticipate that Apple would launch an affordable iPhone in the spring.

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