The Takeover Of Beat Games Opens Up Opportunities For Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) To Acquire Best Developers: Facebook Starts To Offer Quality Products In The VR Space

The recent takeover of Beat Games by the social media giant – Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) offers myriad opportunities in the VR space. It could hire some best developers from across worldwide in return for a small amount of its stock. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, could start receiving significant contributions from such developers in a few years from now to take this initiative in the VR space forward. It is a beginning for the second wave of investments for the social media giant in Virtual Reality.

Oculus Quest with impressive features

After taking over Oculus VR in the year 2014, Facebook spent considerable time to develop compelling hardware. Its research teams are now offering some quality products such as Oculus Quest with impressive features: Oculus Link and hand tracking before leaping to bring in one billion audiences into the VR space. This hard work creates a seat for Facebook among tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, and Google. It needs to address the weak spots in the coming years to blossom.

Lacks in offering services for headset buyers

Facebook lacks in offering any meaningful service for the people, who buy headsets, or the VR developers. It needs to quickly address this gap taking advantage of Unreal Engine or Unity.

Horizon, a unified social networking service

With Horizon, Facebook is trying to establish tech-enabled social connections and extend them into the VR space worldwide. Facebook will continue to roll out updates for Beat Saber in the future to all the supported VR platforms. In December 2019, the company plans to introduce some tracks with 3600 mode. Beat Games expects to offer a multiplayer version of the game.

Facebook could allow people to play multiplayer games freely in the mid2020. To enjoy a multiplayer mode of Beat Saber, the players need to get a Facebook account linked with Oculus ID. The addition of Beat Saber, an alluring free to play destination, to the Horizon of Facebook is compelling. It makes Beat Saber one of the perfect fits for distribution.

Facilitates Transfer of photos to Google Photos

Facebook has introduced an option to allow users in Ireland to seamlessly transfer their videos and photos to other services such as Google Photos. It plans to roll out this feature to other users worldwide in H1 2020. All the data transfers, which are encrypted, require a password. It is on the backdrop of the announcement of Facebook in September 2019 to support data portability.

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