Nevada And Texas Attorney Generals Seal Settlements And Leaves The Coalition Suing Over The Merger Of T-Mobile Us Inc (NASDAQ:TMUS) And Sprint Corp (NYSE:S)

The two-state attorney general’s: Aaron Ford (D) Of Nevada and Ken Paxton (R) of Texas, sealed the deals with  T-Mobile Us Inc (NASDAQ:TMUS). As per agreed terms, T-Mobile would invest $30 million in entrepreneurship programs to support women and minorities in the state of Nevada.

Incremental data in 4 years

T-Mobile will offer reduced rates for 5G services to the customers in Texas and Nevada. All Nevada customers will enjoy low priced and new plans that comprise 2G data (minimum), unlimited text, and talk for a minimum period of 5 years from T-Mobile. The company will charge $15 monthly for 2G data and $25 for 5G data. T-Mobile would also increase the data to almost double in four years under these two plans. Accordingly, the two attorney generals left the coalition that sues T-Mobile over its proposed merger with Sprint Corp (NYSE:S).

According to a statement of Paxton, the customers in Texas would receive a better or the same data plans for next five years as offered on the date of the agreement. Paxton said he joined the coalition initially to protect the customers from immediate and unwanted price hikes. He also intended to ensure that customers in Texas would benefit from high-quality services when the mobile operator rolls out new technology. In August 2019, Paxton said it is the responsibility of the Attorney General to ensure free-market competition. It offers better deals and high-quality services to the customers.

Retail employees to get employment

Ford said the retail employees of both Sprint and T-Mobile working in Nevada would be employed with T-Mobile at comparable wages and duties.

T-Mobile also negotiated with other states to settle the anti-trust suit. After Dish Network agreeing to safeguard the jobs in the Denver region (on taking over the prepaid mobile brands of Sprint), Colorado withdrew from the anti-trust suit. The attorney generals of Florida and Mississippi have also reached a deal with T-Mobile.

Letitia James (D), the New York State Attorney General, leads the other 13 states in continuing with the lawsuit to prevent the merger (worth $26.5 billion) of Sprint and T-Mobile. The federal regulators have approved the merger of T-Mobile with Sprint early this year.

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