, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) Along With Food Network App Brings Smart Display To The Kitchen To Offer Step By Step Lessons To The Homemakers, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN), along with Food Network App, wants to help the homemakers with step by step instructions from celebrities and renowned chefs to cook delicious and yummy dishes right in your kitchen. The homemakers need not tap a device for their favorite recipes; Alexa will bring the video lessons and voice instructions on the smart display in the kitchen.

Smart screen display

The Food Network Kitchen App, which debuted together with Echo Show 8 in September 2019, at an Amazon event, brings on-demand and the live lessons from reputed chefs on your kitchen’s smart screen display. Video lessons and voice instructions are also available on Android, iOS, Fire TV, and Amazon Fire Tablets.

Economical, smaller, and innovative smart display technology is making way for the homemakers to interact with technology right from the kitchen to cook favorite recipes. The alliance between Food Network App and Amazon is blossomed considering the views of customers and provides confidence to try new recipes.

On-demand cooking classes

The homemakers can get several on-demand cooking classes (from Food Network kitchen App) that include step by step instructional video classes and five hundred beginner classes to try new recipes with confidence. Director (Home Organization) at Amazon Alexa, Paul Cousineau, said when your hands are messy, you need to instruct Alexa to display ingredients and video lessons by interacting with Food Network Kitchen App without the need to tap the device.

Besides Amazon’s smart displays, Google Nest Hub offers the same benefits as that of Amazon Echo Show. Google Nest Hub provides step by step instructions to help homemakers to prepare a favorite and delicious cuisine in the kitchen.

Commenting on the deal with Amazon, General Manager and Senior Vice President (direct-to-consumer) at Discovery, the parent company of Food Network, Tyler Whitworth, said the users could get lessons from celebrity chefs daily from its Food Network. They will also submit questions to chefs like Valerie Bertinelli, and Anne Burrell and receive the feedback. He further said the company develops this kitchen app so that homemakers use it regularly to hone their cooking skills and have fun and stay healthy.

Challenges the award of $10 billion cloud contract

Amazon filed a lawsuit challenging the $10 billion cloud contract of Pentagon awarded to Microsoft. Drew Herdener, a spokesperson of Amazon, said it is necessary to ensure that elected leaders and the government in the US should not interfere with the procurement process.

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