Pressure on, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) May Get It Spinning Off The Cloud Business, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) has put up with massive antitrust pressure from the US and the European Union for long. Oppenheimer warns investors to be cautious about where they put their money because Amazon might spin off its cloud business.

Amazon facing pressure

A lot has been going on; lately, one of the things being a move Pentagon made recently. This was the awarding of the “JEDI” contract to Microsoft; a decision Amazon has been strongly opposed to.

Amazon had been confident that it was the one going to bag the contract. There even had been speculations that Pentagon would award it the contract without even making further considerations. Matters turned out contrary to expectations after the leadership awarded the contract to Microsoft.

Amazon said that there had been many deficiencies in the deal, such as inconsistencies in the process and bias.

Another complaint also had been that there was an official working with JEDI that had been transferred to Microsoft. Amazon made claims that he might have toppled the scales in favor of the company. Microsoft refuted those claims quite strongly.

Amazon got to the point of taking matters personal, citing that Trump had always had something against its CEO Jeff Bezos.

This official is also the owner of the Washington Post. Amazon would later move the matter to court.

A close outlook at the AWS Data Exchange

The latest move by Amazon to unveil its AWS Data Exchange was targeted at increasing its presence in the cloud scene. It would be a service with the capacity to give users quick access to data.

This company’s Marketplace is going to offer customers the opportunity to subscribe to the third-party data. It will then be possible for them to use the data across most of its cloud services. This will be facilitated by the company’s console or its Data Exchange API.

AWS Data Exchange is playing quite a significant role in making data available to the company’s market place. This is taking into consideration data emanating from top brands such as Pitney Bowes, Foursquare, TransUnion, and Reuters.

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