Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) To Shut Down Cortana Gradually

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has decided to shut down the Cortana app. The business giant says it will begin with some of its major markets. These include the UK, Germany, Mexico, Australia, Spain, China, Canada, and India. This means that users visiting App Stores and Google Play in these countries won’t be able to download it.

A close outlook

The business reveals that the last place to be affected by the changes will be the United States. This implies that the users here will continue enjoying the benefits associated with the Cortana app for quite some time. Later on, the company will also shut it down for them as well.

Microsoft’s latest move is a well-calculated one. The plan is to integrate the leading app into its Microsoft 365 productivity apps. It thus won’t be operating as a single independent unit.

The plan

The company’s spokesperson has termed Cortana an integral part of their business vision. This company has been looking forward to advancing most of its platforms and devices. It hopes to achieve the goal by integrating them with the power of conversational productivity and computing, as well.

This official adds that the company is committed to terminating support on iOS and Android. Some users are worried about how the new step will impact them.

The way forward for users

The company says that there is no cause for alarm. Users will just use their phones to download the app for free. This will facilitate the creation of tasks and lists. This app will see things return to normal in line with the tasks, reminders, and lists. That is provided they download the appropriate version of the app.

Analysts believe that this business guru has been slowly killing the app. Others prefer using the word suppress, and it still applies. Microsoft started by eliminating Cortana from Xbox One and the Windows search bar. The matter has ballooned, considering that it will no longer be having its app.

Microsoft’s head of Cortana Andrew Schuman says that Cortana works well with Outlook. He added that they have succeeded at accumulating over 100 million active users on the platform.

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