Walmart Inc.’s (NYSE:WMT) Parent Company Sues 31 Counties In Colorado

Walmart Inc.’s (NYSE:WMT) parent company is suing several counties in Colorado where it has store locations. The company has allegedly claimed that there is an overvaluation of its stores’ equipment.

Walmart suing 32 counties in Colorado

According to Durango Herald assessors in the county have the responsibility of taking inventory of the personal property of businesses as well as determining the value of items. According to Authorities, Walmart Stores filed a petition against 32 counties out of the 64 counties in Colorado. The company indicated that the assessors’ valuation is not a reflection of the store’s equipment that tends to wear out quickly because of long hours of operation.

Corporate officials have indicated that the petition seeks a reduction of the value of the company’s personal property in 95 locations as well as recoup attorney fees. The county officials have indicated that their county attorneys across the state will coordinate the defense.

Walmart reopens El Paso store

Walmart has also opened its El Paso, Texas store, where a gunman attack killed around 22 people. On Thursday, over 50 customers lined up for the reopening of the store. Security was enhanced during the reopening of the renovated store with several security guards and sheriff’s deputies.

Since August 3, the retailer has silently contracted off-duty officers at its stores in El Paso. This is after it reportedly emerged that Patrick Crusius had driven over ten hours from Dallas to carry the gun attack. The retail store has reopened amid ongoing case regarding security at the store on the day of the attack. Walmart reportedly didn’t have a guard on duty on the day of the shooting.

Some of the victims of the attack are suing the retailer over laxity in security on the shooting day. One of the complainants, Arnulfo Rascon, says that he was injured in the attack and cannot work as a result. He says he expects to receive some payment from the One Fund El Paso. This is a relief effort set by nonprofits in El Paso to help the victims.

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