Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) Trademarks “Cybertruck” Ahead of Its Launch

Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) has trademarked the names “Cybertruck” and “Cybrtrk” ahead of the launch of its new electric pickup truck. The company documented the names with the US patent and Trademark Office along with its logo.

Tesla trademarks name of its electric pickup truck

The company files the trademark on November 6 before the unveiling of the electric pickup truck. Tesla is planning to unveil the Cybertruck on November 21, following months of speculation and waiting. Tesla has been playing its cards close to its chest, and it appears that the company was undecided on what they were going to call the truck. This explains the haste in filing the trademark two weeks before the vehicle hits the market.

The electric pickup will cost around $50,000, and it will be more like a Blade Runner. The company previously indicated that the car would be nothing that has been seen before. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk’s description indicates that the pickup will be better compared to Ford’s (NYSE: F) F-150 pickup truck. Musk indicated that the truck would be more like an armored personnel carrier instead of a conventional truck. It has enhanced off-road capabilities as well as aggressive lines.

Tesla to open a factory in Berlin Germany

Tesla is also planning to open a huge factor in Berlin as part of its expansion strategy. The company is ready to take on Germany automakers in their backyard. The move is a way of the company enhancing its reach in the European market where it began selling vehicles at the beginning of this year. Musk confirmed that they have decided to build a Giga factory in Berlin as well as set up a design and engineering center in the city.

The CEO indicated through at tweet that the factory will focus on the manufacture of Model Y SUV. At the beginning of this year, Musk had indicated that the seven-seat Model Y SUV would cost around $55,000. It has the potential of hitting 100km/h in around 3.5 seconds. The car will have SUV functionality but will race like a sports car.

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