Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Reports Improper Access Of User Data By 100 App Developers

Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) reported that 100 App Developers might have had access to the user’s data amidst their Group system lockdown last year. The social media giant claims that after the close-down, some app developers might have retained data about the group members. Facebook reported that 11 of the 100 developers accessed the member data in the past 60 days. However, they guaranteed that all is safe now.

Before the changes last year, developers could see the group members’ names, profile data, and well as profile pictures. This window has since then been sealed. This means that even if a group administrator uses a third-party app to manage the group, the app developer cannot access this information anymore.

Facebook’s Security Measures

Facebook’s partnerships head Konstantinos Papamiltiadis said that the recent security scan showed that some of their partners had access, but none abused it. However, they were requested to delete any information they might have obtained improperly. This will be later audited by Facebook to ensure tight security.

The names of the App developers were not revealed, but the head of partnerships said that these were video streaming and social media management Apps. They are primarily designed to help the group admins to manage and help members conduct activities such as sharing of videos. These apps make the Facebook platform more effective and easier to use when the members and users can perform different actions on one platform.

Facebook revealed that they were not certain about the number of users and groups that used these Apps or the nature of the information that they might have obtained.

The Cambridge Analytica data-sharing fiasco led to the closure of the Groups’ application programming interface (API). To manage and mitigate the risk of such an occurrence, Facebook introduced new features to the system as well as added strict rules such as developers’ need for Facebook approval to use the Groups API. However, the recent occurrence took them by surprise, and they have allegedly sealed all the system cracks. Facebook, however, assures all the users of security and privacy of their data their platform holds.

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