RigNet Inc (NASDAQ:RNET) And BP Signs Deal Multi-Year Intelie Live For Digital Transformation

RigNet Inc (NASDAQ: RNET) and BP signed a multi-year deal for Intelie Live. Steven Pickett, the President and Chief Executive Officer of RigNet, expressed that BP selected Intelie Live to fulfill BP’s requirements. Intelie has shown exceptional performance in the Energy sector, which has helped firms like BP advance their digital transformation journey.

How Intelie Live will work?

Intelie Live key feature is machine learning-based analytics, which will be used in BP’s Remote Collaboration Center. This will not only enhance operational efficiency but also improve productivity across BP’s drilling activities. RigNet’s Intelie Live has shown the potential of the offering with its speed to meet the company’s expectations and requirements. Using Intelie Live in BP’s Remote Collaboration Center shows the potential to enhance the safety of operations as well as the consistency of the BP wells while lowering costs.

Intelie Live will be deployed to process, record, and integrate novel data components into a single data platform. This process will enhance data quality and allow real-time decision making across numerous systems. The system further allows visualizations for internal teams to offer live operating status across an extensive range of equipment and configurations.

Last month, RigNet consolidated its four offices into a single new office in the Lafayette area; this facility will accommodate the company’s growing client network and support its Gulf of Mexico activities. The operations also cover the company’s new 4G LTE and 5G-supported network introduced across over 60,000 square miles of the GOM. RigNet reported that the new network connects vessels, critical infrastructure, and offshore workers in an area larger than Florida.

Rignet’s new facility is the company’s largest operational office supporting all major operations for managed services with around 130 staff members. This location also comprises a shop for the company’s in-house fabrication and a special area for client factory acceptance testing for large scale projects. The new office will demonstrate advanced solutions across the company’s system integration services, managed communications portfolio, and SAFCON products.

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