Nokia Oyj (NYSE:NOK) Target Malaysian Ports For 5G Business In An Effort To Compete With China’s Huawei

Nokia Oyj (NYSE:NOK) reported that it would be offering its ultra-fast mobile internet services to Malaysian ports. It is an attempt by the company to gain from the growing 5G technology market of Malaysia. However, competition is intense, with China’s Huawei expanding fast in its home market. Huawei has already finalized 5G deals with telecom companies in Malaysia as it fights a U.S. blacklist.

Scope in Malaysian ports

Malaysia marks as a strategic maritime center in Southeast Asia. Two of the region’s key maritime corridors, the Straits of Malacca and the South China Sea, navigate through territorial waters of Malaysia. Shipping and maritime industry players consider these two corridors as to be important for the trillion-dollar international shipping industry, and the enforcement organizations of Asia-Pacific countries. Nokia has been working with three telecoms clients in Malaysia on 5G live trials, and one of these three firms is U Mobile.

Nokia has been lagging in this 5G race as Maxis had already signed a landmark network deal with Huawei. The two companies have finalized a deal for the provisioning of a 5G network in Malaysia. Ryan Ding, the CEO of the Carrier BG at Huawei, expressed that Malaysia had been making remarkable progress in embracing the latest ICT infrastructure technology and connecting the unconnected. With 5G services deployment, they expect Malaysia will witness the rapid digital transformation. The new technology will fasten the implementation of the Internet of Things.

More recently, Huawei and TELEKOM Malaysia Bhd signed a deal to work together in expanding 5G technology in Malaysia as the nation moves towards becoming a digital country. This deal was finalized at recently held TM-Huawei Tech Summit. Huawei Malaysia VP Zac Chow and Ir Azizi A Hadi, the Chief Network Executive of TM, signed the deal.

Datuk Noor Kamarul Anuar, the CEO of TM, expressed that it is a remarkable development for them to work together with Huawei, to expand the 5G services to Malaysia. TM, via its comprehensive and innovative solutions and products, will continue to build the start for Industrial Revolution 4.0.

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