Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co (NYSE:HPE) Uses Intelligence And Composability To Improve The Cloud Experience

On November 4, 2019, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co (NYSE:HPE) announced that it introduced a function that would enable business growth through the rapid delivery of new applications and innovations.

The new function integrates the company’s machine learning and artificial intelligence-driven HPE Primera storage platform, with the HPE Composable Rack and HOE Synergy, which bring in the composability.

With the innovation, HPE customers can now leverage the intelligent cloud platform to support any application abs Service level agreement with smooth scalability, agility, and remarkable resiliency.

The new solution enables the customers to easily run their enterprise applications in the public and private environment without affecting the efficiency and resiliency. This is related to the recent launch of the HPE Synergy, which provides support to the VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF). IN turn, the HP composable Rack supports VCF in the deployment to hybrid clouds.

Industry-Leading HPE Innovations

The today’s need by enterprises to speed up their innovations, apps, and data, requires better and efficient management of the virtualization applications as well as the traditional bare-metal while at the same time enabling cloud stack and software-driven automation and supporting the applications.

This HPE innovation has received a distinct and commendable response from the industry leaders and enterprises regarding its efficiency, innovation level, and its future-focused stance.

The VP of Information Technology at Skyview Networks said that “Combined, HPE Synergy and our current storage solution, HPE 3PAR, have created a formidable capability for us to deliver industry-leading services on composable and reliable infrastructure with a few clicks. We can virtualize all our audio in digital format without the traditional analog-to-digital latency and a single physical backplane connection. Using this technology has made our organization more agile in delivering premier services to our long list of clients, so I look forward to the impact HPE Primera combined with HPE Synergy will have for mission-critical apps”.

HPE explains that the transition by enterprises to autonomous from software-defined data centers requires an IT environment that ensures the infrastructure and workloads are consistently fast and always operational. HPE has consistently delivered its promises to its clients and continues to heighten its levels of innovation in the IT industry.

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