Microsoft Corporation’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) Bing Rebrands As “Search Engine For Business”

Microsoft Corporation’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) launched the new Bing and Edge, the search engine and browser for business. Customers look for an enriched web experience for their personal as well as business purposes. And this is what the company is looking to provide to its customers.

The company will integrate the internet and intranet with Bing so that customers have a seamless search experience in a single browse. There would be a default privacy protection along with the personalized web experience. Customers can directly move from web search to their Microsoft Office applications. It comes as an important development as people spend around 60% of their PC time on the browser.

Targeting market share

As of now, Bing is lagging when it comes to its market share in the global search engine market. While it captures 25% of the search engine market in the U.S., the figure drops to just 3% for the global market. Google holds 93% of the global search engine market. The only edge that Microsoft Bing has over Google is its core mechanism supporting search for many applications, including Outlook.

What Microsoft is now doing is instead of giving a direct competition to Google in search traffic, it is repositioning Bing as a search engine for businesses. With this new feature, the companies can get private, internal search data on Bing, eventually resulting in time-saving for employees.

Smart search

Besides rebranding Bing, Microsoft plans to make Bing smarter by making it better comprehend the objective of the search. Like a normal conversation, the user can just go for a vague search, and the engine will fetch the most accurate results. It would also boast capabilities where the system can provide recommendations about the staff that has specific experience, expertise, and skills.

The market for search engines for business is huge. As per a McKinsey report, managers and professionals spend almost 20% of their work time seeking internal information or finding coworkers who can assist with specific work. Microsoft’s latest search features would help these people save significantly on their time.

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