Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:INO) Shows Encouraging Results Of INO-5401 In Combination With cemiplimab In Phase 2 Study

In phase 2 study of INO-5401 in combination with cemiplimab, Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:INO) achieved success in ensuring the progression-free survival of patients who are diagnosed with GBM (glioblastoma multiforme). The phase 2 study is conducted using INO 9012, and INO 5401 in combination with a PD-1 blocking antibody – Libtayo on fifty-two patients diagnosed with GBM. Sanofi and Regeneration Pharmaceuticals have jointly developed the drug – Libtayo. Inovio will show the results of Phase 2 clinical study at SITC (Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer) 2019 Annual Summit in Maryland this month.

Tolerability and safety

Inovio also ensured the tolerability and safety during immunotherapy in combination with checkpoint inhibitor – PD1. According to the obtained immunogenicity data, the therapy meets the acceptable safety limit. The tested patients showed T cell immune response to the tumor-associated antigens. Inovio will release a report on patients’ survival for 12 to 18 months in 2020.

Promising information to treat GBM

According to the coordinating principal investigator of phase 2 clinical study, Dr. David Reardon, the company gathered useful information from the clinical trial that involves administering of INO 9012, INO 5401, along with Libtayo to treat this difficult disease.

Chief Executive Officer and President of Inovio, Dr. J Joseph Kim, said the data obtained from the trial shows the potential of immunotherapy that uses tumor-associated antigens to cure cancer. The main aim of this GBM trial is to improve the overall and progression-free survival of the patients who are suffering from this disease.

The previous GBM study involving a checkpoint inhibitor alone has not offered promising results. Administration of INO 5401, along with checkpoint inhibitor, has shown the efficacy to ensure progression-free survival. Inovio will release additional information obtained from this trial next year.

In biotechnology, the treatment of cancer using immune-oncology is one of the promising areas. The regulators are comfortable with the approval of IO therapies thanks to the advancements in science that help to understand tumor markers. Inovio is developing VGX-3100, a phase III asset, to offer top-line efficiency readout next year.

The analysts at Wall Street predict flat earnings on higher revenues of Inovio for the quarter ending September 2019. Inovio stock price could move higher next week if it could report better results.

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