Chrissy Teigen, Hilariously Gets Associated With The Mcdonald’s Corp’s (NYSE:MCD) CEO Firing Scandal

Daily Mail, the British-based tabloid website, found itself in trouble for using a photo that included Chrissy Teigen photo in their article on the firing of Mcdonald’s Corp’s (NYSE:MCD) CEO fiasco.

Steve Easterbrook’s, McDonald’s CEO, admitted to having a consensual affair with an employee. The CEO was fired for this reason because the act violated the company’s policy. It is unclear whether the female employee allegedly looked like Chrissy Teigen or the tabloid intentionally used the photo that had Teigen in it. It is still being speculated if Daily Mail consciously or unconsciously used Chrissy’s photo in that particular article.

Chrissy Teigen Surprise on Social Media

Teigen saw Daily Mail’s article, which indicated that the employee and the CEO have a consensual affair. However, she was perplexed why the tabloid would use a photo that included her alongside the fired CEO.

Teigen, a model, author, mother, and wife to singer John Legend, shared her shock on Sunday night on Instagram and Twitter. The photo used showed Easterbrook and Teigen on the same photo, which insinuated she was in the middle of the scandal.

Teigen shared a screenshot of the article on social media, which got many of her fans reacting hilariously.

Teigen tweeted, “Whoa whoa whoa why am I in this headline photo.” Her fans reacted by some wishing her all the best in her new relationship, while others sarcastically replied, “What did you do?” Others took it to another level and asked if the relationship was with the CEO or with the owner, Ronald McDonald. One of her fans went ahead to suggest that the use of this photo in such a scandal can amount to defamation.

Notably, Teigen has previously partnered with McDonald’s but for business purposes. This could explain why they appear in the same photo with Easterbrook.

It is not clear if the Daily Mail apologized to Chrissy Teigen for this incident or whether Teigen took any action against the British Tabloid. All that was clear from her post is that Teigen was displeased with the act. However, it was inappropriate for the tabloid to use a photo that included Teigen, especially as a featured photo.

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