AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T)’s New Feature Aims At Doing More Than Just Protecting You From Robocalls

AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) is fortifying its robocall protection for clients. Last Friday, the carrier announced it would include three new features to its famed automatic call blocking service. These changes won’t come with a higher price tag, a sigh of relief to customers.

More than just robocall protection

AT&T’s Call Protect app was launched in 2016. Its primary objective is to block nuisance calls and label them so that you can choose whether or not to respond to the calls. While this network-level service is associated with many effective features, the company has added new ones.

All calls identified as ‘spam risk’ will be automatically blocked at no additional cost, and calls from individuals who are not in your address book will be automatically sent to your voicemail. Besides, iPhone users can block calls using Siri shortcuts. For instance, ‘Hey Siri, block that call.’ These new opt-in features are now available through the free Call Protect app from AT&T.

According to Kevin Petersen, the vice president of AT&T’s postpaid wireless products, their customers deserve more and effective ways to block nuisance calls. He issued a statement that expressed the company’s sense of achievement in the provision of more free but useful tools to their clients.

Is this extra protection necessary?

Robocalls are increasingly becoming an issue for consumers. Executives aren’t an exception either. Randall Stephenson, the AT&T’s Chief Executive Officer, was interrupted by a robocall during a live interview.

According to Fortune, Americans were hit with about 48 billion robocalls from scammers and autodialers. These numbers are likely to increase this year, and this calls for proactive active action. Though the Federal Communications Commission has prioritized the fight against robocalls, the carriers should take the right protective steps.

Most of the call blocking features are free for all users. Additionally, AT&T provides a premium protection package for $4 monthly. Some of the unique features associated with this package include a VPN, reverse number lookup, and notification services in case your details are found on the dark web.

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