Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) Averts A Strike By Reaching A Deal With UAW: Ford To Invest $6 Billion And Generate 8,500 Jobs In The US

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) averted a strike by reaching an agreement with UAW on the new labor contract valid for four years. As part of the deal, Ford will invest $6 billion and retain or generate 8,500 jobs in the US. The deal is to be endorsed by the local union leaders. Gary Jones, president of UAW, said he is confident in securing the contract and protect the future of their members.

Shares the same terms of the contract with General Motors

The tentative deal agreed with UAW is expected to share the same terms of the contract recently signed with General Motors. According to the deal, the employees either get a 4% lumpsum of bonuses or a 3% hike in salaries every year. It also paves the way for regularizing the temporary workers and retains 3% of the healthcare costs.

Easy access to public charging stations

Ford is offering easy access to the electric public charging stations to all of its future all-electric vehicle customers across North America. The company will start delivering electric vehicles next year and make it easier for the customers to find a charging point.

Charging strategy for all-electric vehicles

All-electric charging points comprise of home charging options. The charging network features the fastest DC charging. Ford addresses hesitancies that surround electric vehicles with on the go and at home charging options. Director (Global Electrification) of Ford, Ted Cannis said 48% of the people, who want to buy or already own an electric vehicle, cites charging is a concern. The company is removing those concerns by providing charging points across the nation. More customers enjoy all-electric vehicles because charging is easy, just like charging a smartphone at home.

Each Ford charging station is equipped with high power 48 Amp charging. The customers can recharge their vehicles while they sleep at home.  Every hour of charging offers a mileage of 32 miles. It offers peace of mind for the electric vehicle owners, who commute long hours daily. Also, each all-electric vehicle comes with a mobile charger to facilitate charging from a high voltage (240V) point. It allows a mileage of 22 miles for every hour of charging.

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