, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) ‘s Jeff Bezos Teams Up With Draper, Northrop Gruman, And Lockheed Martin To Work On Moon Lander, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) ‘s Jeff Bezos has formed a team space venture ‘Blue Origin’ and teamed up with Draper, Northrop Gruman, and Lockheed Martin to work on Lunar Lander. The team will bid for Artemis of NASA to carry astronauts from the earth to Moon and bring them back from Moon’s surface.

Bids for Artemis

Jeff, who is speaking at the seventieth IAC (International Aeronautical Congress) in Washington DC, said a national team is formed to build a Moon Lander. NASA is planning to send the people to the surface of Moon and bring them back to the earth. The blue origin will create a human capable Moon Lander and bid for the NASA Artemis, which is accelerated with President Trump tasking NASA to make the mission-ready by 2024. Blue Origin would function as the main contractor of the program. It would give assurance and lead the team. Blue Moon (the Lunar Lander) of Bezos will be part of the initiative.

The Lunar Lander of Blue Origin would take 3.6 tonnes to the surface of the Moon. It will be powered with liquid hydrogen. The Lunar Lander will be refueled with liquid hydrogen on the Moon’s surface. Jeff also introduced the BE-7 rocket engine, which will undergo tests this summer. He would invest $1 billion for this mission in the space. The funding will be ensured the sale of his shares in Amazon. Jeff has earned a reputation to invest every penny he received from the business back into the business.

Ascent Element

Lockheed Martin would build the Ascent Element to bring back astronauts from Moon to earth. According to Blue Origin, Ascent Element is a reusable vehicle. The company will also impart training to the flight crew and oversee the operations.

Transfer Element

Northrop Gruman would build a Transfer Element vehicle, which will position the landing systems in lunar orbit.

The R&D organization – Draper, which is based in Massachusetts, will supply flight avionics and develop decent guidance system.

In the early part of 2019, Jeff has launched a rocket engine to power the Lander and Blue Moon. Jeff has received an ‘IAF Excellence in Industry Award’ from the organizers of the conference in recognition of the space tourism division of Blue Origin. The space tourism division made a significant contribution to enable human presence on the Moon’s surface using the BE-3 liquid hydrogen rocket engine and a new Shepard launch system.

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