Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) ‘s Algorithm Stops Medical Misinformation And Hoaxes From Going Viral: Facebook Optimizes Native Content

Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) has put in place an algorithm to amplify and optimize the native content to engage the readers. The optimized native content allows people to spend more time on Facebook and derive more dividends for the companies that sponsored the content.

Facebook vows to stop hoaxes

In his speech this week, Mark Zuckerberg, Chief Executive Officer of Facebook, said the social media platform works to prevent medical misinformation and hoaxes from going viral. However, Facebook will allow paid political misinformation to go viral. Mark says the low-quality content drowns on its own, and only truth prevails.

Facebook is not offering free speech. It provides a free amplification to the statement. The viewers can read what is in their news feeds, which are not free speech. Facebook has put in place an algorithm to censor out wrongful and hate speech. However, it will not stop political information even it contains misinformation.

Mark said all right things

Mark said all the right things when he gave a speech on the merits of free speech at Georgetown University. Delivering a lecture on free speech without taking legitimate steps to allow on the platform is meaningless. CEO said he worries about fading of truth, and people might not want to live in a world where tech companies post the news that is 100% true. Whatever emanates from the executives of the social media giant or its CEO, Facebook is a real threat to the freedom of expression.

Intention to generate more profits

The algorithm at Facebook decides what you should read in your news feed. It delivers engaging content considering what you need every day. Facebook engages readers with optimized content (embedded with more ads) to generate profits. The company informs the users that it considers 100,000 factors or more in deciding to show what is relevant to you every day. You will get a feeling that Facebook strives a lot to care for you. However, do not get fooled; the algorithm is meant to serve the purpose of Facebook.

Facebook to feature headlines from WSJ

Facebook has entered a deal with Dow Jones media properties and Wall street journal to publish their news headlines in its upcoming news section. Other publications such as Buzzfeed News, Washington Post, and Business Insider have agreed to allow their headlines in the news section of Facebook.

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