Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Lands A Smart Ring Patent

Most of the people around the globe looked forward to seeing Amazon rise faster than any other company when it came to the wearable “smart ring” market. In the previous month, this business guru unveiled what it termed its “Day 1 Edition” Echo Loop. This was seen as quite a big deal by many. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) was, on the other hand, making its efforts, but no one seemed to recognize it. Today the company has been granted a patent for its innovation! No one expected it would be this soon, and there are reports this could cause disruptions in the finger-based smart accessories segment. This market is still in its early stages, and it is now getting difficult to tell who will take the day between the two business giants.

A close outlook into the latest development

An official working with Apple says they have been working on the innovation for long. According to him, it is now about three years down the line. He says that it was worth it because their latest device comes with impressive attributes in the design and working principle.

Apple says that its new device won’t be a standalone device. The design is such that it supports wireless interactions and also has numerous input techniques for controlling other devices. It says that part of the input techniques includes voice commands and even hand gestures. Also, It is possible to move the ring through the air to trigger various actions on the device. There are also reports that the more sophisticated versions are much more advanced in terms of their capabilities. For example, they would be able to recognize various voice commands, but it is specifically with some built-in commands. A tiny surface touch or a finger swipe could also be effective.

Impact of the product on the company

The latest development is getting the company busier than ever before. It has been doing a lot in terms of research to enhance the ring-style wearable. Apple says that further enhancements will make the ring convey directional information to those wearing it. The dial control will be the user’s physical control unit. The other thing is the motion sensor, which will assist in recognizing page-flipping, handwriting, and twisting gestures. A biometric sensor is also a part of the advanced features of this latest product.

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