Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Facing Allegations Of Frustrating Users That Report Fake Accounts

For a company of Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) stature, the bizarre incident that is happening is shocking. Who would have imagined this social media giant would trend on twitter for locking out users on flimsy grounds?

Users launch complaints

A large number of users have complained, saying that Facebook locked their account simply because they reported scammers.

It is normal for any user to feel discomfort anytime he/she comes across a scammer, a fake account, or even impersonators. It is a sad incident that the company has locked out some of its users for days now after they reported the above-stipulated activities.

Things are happening strangely. When a user, for instance, reports an impersonating account, the company locks the account with immediate effect. From that point, it moves ahead to ask the user in question to provide an ID document to assist with verification. The problem is that even when a user scans the document, he/she still isn’t given access. This is worrying for the users who have lashed out at the company via twitter and other social media platforms. There is a video in circulation showing the agony users have to bear because of the acts of this global company.

Locking accounts poses a greater danger

The locking out of business account as expected spells out losses to the companies and other financial institutions. Locking out the administrators that manage such pages means tying their hands. They can’t do anything, and money is lost eventually. Users want the company to move forward and explain why it had to stoop this low!

So much is happening, and thus, the only worry isn’t only about users accessing their accounts. Security threats are on the rise, and something must be done in good time. It was a short while back that a security researcher called Sayeed Joy developed a fake account. It was the fake account of Russakovskii, who happens to be Android Police’s founder. Joy reported the real account using the fake account by contacting Facebook. This resulted in the social media guru locking out the real account. Such a move best describes the real situation on the platform.

Analysts seek to understand the reasons behind Facebook’s recent acts.

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