, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) Clarifies Its Stand On 11 Sensitive Matters: Workplace Diversity, Data Privacy, Counterfeit Sales And Regulation, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) has released a blog post to clarify its stand on 11 sensitive matters that include data privacy, climate change, minimum wages, counterfeit sales, immigration, workplace diversity, and regulation. The company is facing a lot of issues because it penetrates new markets.

US Politicians bats for the breakup of Amazon

Bernie Sanders, the Democratic presidential candidate, and Donald Trump, President of the US, are putting pressure on Amazon to break up the company because of its size, taxes paid, market power, and worker’s treatment. Elizabeth Warren, Democratic presidential candidate, lobbies for Amazon and tech companies like Google. The investigators in the EU are investigating Amazon to check if the company breaches merchant data competition rules.

Possible misuse of facial recognition

Amazon has not addressed the antitrust in a blog post released on Thursday. However, the company mentioned Rekognition, the face recognition technology developed to trace the child sex trafficking victims and missing children, and said it could be misused and requires regulatory control.

Amazon said it would provide guidance to law enforcement authorities and other customers about the proper use of Rekognition. It said the government agencies could adopt measures to ensure the appropriate use of the technology. The company has drafted guidelines for the US national legislative framework to use the technology transparently and safeguard individual civil rights.

Stringent laws to prevent counterfeits

Amazon urges the government to introduce strict laws at the national level to prevent counterfeit sales. The company explained how it spent a sum of $400 million to eliminate the sales of counterfeit products from its e-commerce site. It bats for stringent punishment for sellers of counterfeit products. The company informed investors about the threat of counterfeit products to investors in its annual report published recently.

According to the blog post, Amazon prevented the opening of several sellers accounts for the sale of counterfeit products last year. It has blocked over 3 billion bad listings suspected to sell fake products.

Minimum hourly wages of $15

Amazon said the company is paying a minimum hourly wage of $15, which is twice above the minimum wages set at the federal level.

Amazon is committed to conducting its business operations using renewable energy sources by the year 2030 and invested hefty sums. The company ordered 100,000 Rivian all-electric vehicles for delivery services. It plans to reduce carbon emissions by four million metric tons every year.

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