Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) To Enhance The Camera of Its iPhone And Still Keep It Slim

Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) is investing time and funds in research to understand some periscope –lens it intends to use. This is in a bid to enhance the image quality of its iPhone products. The company’s spokesperson reveals that they will slim the camera bump of their iPhones. These officials revealed details about a patent they received lately. They received camera patents and want to take advantage of that by enhancing the quality of images produced by their iPhones. According to the official, the dynamic business world calls for creativity and innovation to survive.

Details about the company’s patents and product design

Apple has two patents, and their uniqueness lies in the fact that the lenses used reflect through a prism. The company says that the new strategy is such that the lenses won’t compel them to increase the thickness of their devices. Without the strategy, the company would have been compelled to position the lenses further out of the phone’s back.

One of the experts working with the company says it was important for them to resort to the new strategy. The positioning of the lenses is such that the distance between the lenses and the sensor is increased. At the same time, they will minimize the size of the camera bump.

Challenges and the reaction of users to the new move

Apple hasn’t been the only one facing the challenge in question. Other major companies have also been struggling with the same. Some took to the use of some side-mounted cameral arrays. However, this applied only for the long zoom applications.

Apple won’t be doing anything much different. It will incorporate a rather similar concept for its telephoto and standard cameras. Experts uttered these sentiments upon taking a close look at the patents.

It is indeed true that Apple has patented new products. However, note that patenting doesn’t mean that all we expect is going to happen.

Some persons following the company’s progress believe the company could have taken the easy way out instead. According to them, the company shouldn’t have squandered billions on the project. It would have been easier making the phone thicker contrary to spending millions on making camera lenses smaller or thinner. Anyway, the company has the final word in as much as everyone else is entitled to his/her opinion.

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