Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) Enables Users To Transfer Music To Different Rooms Through A Command

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has made its latest technology advancement, and this is on its Google Assistant. However, users will need to have the right tools to take advantage of the latest technological advancement. For instance, one will need to have the Chromecast dongles, Google Home smart speakers, and the Google Nest Hub display. With these in place, one will be able to make music follow him/her around the house!

The upgrade

Asked by news reporters to explain its new move, it outlined that it had decided to upgrade its multi-room audio offering. The company says it upgraded it using a feature known as Stream Transfer. Even in the past, users still could add the music to play in some additional speakers within their homes. The music played simultaneously. However, this wasn’t the ideal thing to do, according to Google. There was no point playing music in rooms without listeners, and that is why it decided to undertake the upgrade.

The company’s spokesperson has explained the new way of doing things. He says that the user would mention the name of the device that he/she wanted the music transferred. As long as he/she had the appropriate gadgets, the exercise would be less troublesome.

 The Google Home app

Google is also calling upon its users to use the Google Home app on their gadgets. With such, the users would be in a position to sling music from one device to the other. In using the app, it won’t be necessary for users to say any word out loud to transfer music from one device to the other. Asides from that, it will also be possible for users to beam videos back and forth. Of course, that is between a  Nest Hub smart display and a Chromecast. It is fundamental for all users to update their Google Home app to access the controls they require.

Google has also spoken about a critical exception. It will be impossible to transfer tunes from a Google Cast device back to a user’s handset. Most of the users wish they would be in a position to move their tunes seamlessly even during those instances when they move out of the house.

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