Kroger (NYSE:KR) To Halt The Sale Of E-Cigarettes

Kroger (NYSE:KR) says it will no longer engage in the sale of e-cigarettes. Pushed by reporters to explain its abrupt decision, the company revealed that it was under pressure from regulatory bodies. Kroger says it is tired of having to survive in what it terms a stringent regulatory environment. Asides from that, the business giant also admits that these cigarettes are posing a danger to the lives of consumers.

Reports show that e-cigarettes are defective

Reports are vividly showing the bad effects of the e-cigarettes. Medical practitioners have confirmed the rise in the number of vape-related illnesses. They have called out to the government to do something to curb the menace, which might end up claiming many lives if not controlled in good time. The federal health officials have been looking into the matter closely and brainstorming various ways to stop the menace. They have been considering undertaking public awareness campaigns, among other things.

Lawmakers have also joined in the fight. They have been pushing the government to intervene and stop companies involved in such business. These lawmakers have learned with sadness the deaths of some 18 victims. Asides from these deaths reports also indicate that there are currently 1080 persons that are struggling with illnesses resulting from the consumption of e-cigarettes. Lawmakers are up and say human lives must be given a higher priority than business.

 Several other major companies have also discontinued the sale of the e-cigarettes. These include Walmart Inc (NYSE:WMT) and Rite Aid Corporation (NYSE:RAD). According to these two companies and more others, discontinuing the sales of these products will somehow help stop related illnesses and deaths.  The companies defend the ban saying it is necessary as the regulatory bodies examine the products.

Government’s stand

The American government is also aware of the high rise in vaping related illnesses. This is the reason it has prompted a crackdown. The government’s spokesperson says that any time from now, they will ban e-cigarettes. The US won’t be the first one to place a ban since the same has also happened in several other countries. Those include Rhode Island, Michigan, and San Francisco. New York and Massachusetts have also learned about the dangers posed by vaping products. They have, in that effect, banned related products but temporarily.

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