Best Buy Inc (NYSE:BBY) Reveals Plan To Host Holiday Hiring Fairs

Best Buy Inc (NYSE:BBY) is making preparations to hire more employees to help it run its business activities successfully. The retailer understands the dynamic business climate, and in that effect, it will be preparing for the forthcoming holiday season. It is not the only one making preparations since its competitors are also on course to make the most of the high season.

Planning for the hiring fair

The spokesperson for Best Buy has revealed how the company will be going about things. According to him, the business guru intends to hold job fairs in almost all corners countrywide. He takes pride in the fact that the business has expanded a huge deal. Currently, it has its stores spread almost everywhere in the country.

Best Buy is asking all the interested persons to relax whichever place they will be. That is because the recruitment exercise will be conducted close to where each of them lives. All they will need is to move close to the Best Buy locations near them.

The company has also given the exact date and time will be holding these hiring fairs. It begins its activities on October 10 and 11. In terms of time, it will be from noon until 7 pm. The business is also considering making hires for its warehouses. Those persons that want to take up the warehouse positions are advised to be ready on October 10 from 9 am to 7 pm local time.

 The company’s plan for new hires

Best Buy has also named the locations it will be holding the hiring fairs. Among them are Atlanta, Bloomington, Chicago, Ontario, Nichols, New York, Findlay, Compton, and Chino. The others will be St. Louis and Shepherdsville.

Some of the persons interested in the new positions have been pushing the company to provide more details about the new positions. Best Buy says there are a lot of attractive aspects of the deal. The first one is that new employees will receive competitive wages. Secondly, it will impress the new hires with some employee discounts. .Lastly, the business promises that these new hires will work on a relatively flexible schedule. Other companies who fear they may be deluged by the holiday’s shoppers have also made similar announcements since they also wish for streamlined operations.

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