Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) Settles Ohio To Escape An Opioid Trial

Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) doesn’t want more pressure from some two countries in Ohio. This is the reason the company has agreed to make a settlement worth $20.4m (£16.6m) with these states. According to sources, these states have been mounting pressure on the business guru on claims it has been promoting Opioid addiction. The company doesn’t like the idea of going on a trial over this nature of allegations. However, it insists that its decision has nothing to do with an admission of guilt.

The turn of events

Some of the local governments and the state at large have not been in support of drug abuse in Ohio. About 2, 600 lawsuits are pending in courts. Johnson & Johnson pulls in as the third drug manufacturer to settle claims facing it.

Back in August, there was a ruling where the court ordered the company to pay $572m (£468m) for promoting addition. This has commonly been referred to as Oklahoma’s Opioid addiction crisis. The company has decided to pay huge sums of money to ensure it settles the pressure facing it. Today, it disclosed its plan to pay the Cuyahoga and Summit counties $10m.It will also direct another $5m to take care of the legal expenses. Charities dedicated to the delivery of the Opioid-related programs in the region will receive $5.4m.

An outlook at Opioid crisis

Opioids consist of a wide range of drugs, starting from codeine to heroin and other illegal drugs. Most of the medical professionals recommend Opioids to patients to help them relieve pain. These drugs happen to be highly addictive, a case where the addicts become over-dependent on them.

The sad bit is the number of lives the US keeps losing over such addictions every year. Statistics are out, and the figures are scary. About 130 American citizens lose their lives daily for overdosing these drugs. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention has committed some of its resources to promote public awareness regarding such additions. From 1999 to 2017, the US has lost over 400,000 people who took an overdose of such drugs.

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