Google Tech’s (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Pittsburgh Contractors Vote To Join United Steelworkers Union

On Tuesday Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) contractors in Pittsburgh voted on a resolution for unionization which will see them join United Steelworkers Union. The workers want to unionize under the name Pittsburg Association of Technology Professionals (PATP).

HCL workers vote to join United Steelworkers Union

The group comprises of around 80 workers employed by HCL Technology. They want to a voice and a chance to bargain over working conditions and wages. However, since the number is small it is unlikely that the move may push Google to change how it handles contractors. 49 workers approved the decision to form a union while only 24 voted against.

HCL America reportedly tried to talk out the workers against the idea of unionization. Deputy General Manager of operations at HCL Jermy Carlson reportedly sent a couple of emails to them informing them that Steelworkers was for blue-collar workers. He said that Steelworkers doesn’t understand the needs of the tech industry, the business or even what the workers do.

This is a significant milestone for temporary workers, vendors, as well as contractors considering for long technology employees,  have always embraced organized labor. TVCs make up over 50% of Google’s workforces and they have equally protested to have more rights at the company. In April the company said that it will require temp firms to provide them with contract and temporary workers to offer their staff full benefits.

Google says unionization doesn’t affect them

Google has indicated that the vote does not change the position of the workers in the company. A spokesman said that the company will continue working with HCL because even if the workers unionize that is between them and the company. Although some workers voted against the move there is unanimous agreement that they receive low pay and little benefits relative to Google employees.

In recent months temporary workers and contractors have been voicing their dissatisfaction against the company. At the beginning of this year, over 900 workers signed a petition protesting the lack of cover and time off forcing the company to implement minimum standards for temps.

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