(NASDAQ:AMZN) Unveils new Alexa Echo Frames, Echo Loop, And Echo Buds

On September 25, (NASDAQ:AMZN) launched a series of devices powered by the company’s Alexa voice assistant. The company wants Alexa to be with you wherever you are and they are doing that to transform the wearable tech to do that.

Amazon heeding feedback to take Alexa out of home

Amazon smart home VP Daniel Rausch indicated that clients prefer not to be bound by the tech that Amazon produces. He added that the feedback they have received indicates that customers want to be with things such as Alexa all the time.

This is what the company has done with the launch of a new $180 Echo Frames smart glasses, the $129 Echo Buds and the $130 Echo Loop. These devices aim at putting Alexa on your hands, face, and ears. The Echo Bud will be available for shipping before the holidays while the Frames and Loop ring will still be under tests.

New Alexa enable smart devices

The smart glasses have directional speakers just like those of the Bose Frames smart glasses. They also have a microphone for Alexa that connects to your phone to read the text, emails as well as other information. Unlike the Google Glass that has a display camera, the glasses do not have one because they want to avoid the stigma associated with the having a display. However, they can be fitted with prescription lenses.

Echo Loop is a smart ring that will alert or notify users of new messages by vibrating. It has an inbuilt speaker and microphone to enhance interactions with Alexa. The Echo buds that will be available in the market immediately are similar to Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) Airpods. Their design is truly wireless with Bose active noise reduction technology integrated with Alexa functionality same as the one provided by Siri with 2nd generation Airpods.

The devices are a big boost for Amazon who wants to take Alexa outside home and impact the lives of people. Usage of Alexa is increasing which means lower hardware pricing. Amazon’s rivals should be concerned about how fast Alexa is growing.

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